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Locals Cards

Check out the new Locals Cards! Great time to come in and grab one so you can go free with a full paying adult on the Hobbiton day tour ,Valid for 2 years all you need to bring in to purchase these cards is ID and proof of address.
Locals’ cards can be purchased from the Matamata i-SITE at $25
anyone who has purchased the old Locals cards these are now Valid until the end of the year.

Keep Matamata Beautiful

Race Horse Public  Installation



We propose a sculpture placed on the centre
plot in the heart of Matamata. This will be a
representation of the strong horse racing industry
and culture of Matamata’s proud history
and future.
This sculpture will become a symbol of Matamata.
There is a void in Matamata’s current identity, and
monuments help create culture for the community.
Matamata has the slogan “The Town that’s Racing
Ahead” and this is in written form only, we now
need to bring that into visualisation.
A timely event is in the forecast where we will see
Racing Matamata celebrate 100 years. We aim
for this to be unveiled where it will pay homage to
a century of achievement to the champions of
the area.

W H O ?


Sculptor Adrian Worsley designs and constructs
unique and original sculptures entirely from
recycled materials in his studio/workshop in
Te Aroha. With works featuring clever blending of
materials and immaculate finishes, Adrian breathes
new life into the inanimate objects around him
transforming them into magnificent tactile works
of art.
We think Adrian’s style and craftsmanship, along
with being locally based is a perfect fit, and is
our artist of choice to help us bring the idea into
visual fruition.

W H E R E ?


The perfect location has recently appeared with
the removal of one of the large trees across from
the town clock. This has opened up the ideal
centre stage positioning for the new symbol of the
town to arise.
Creative insight inspires effective messaging and
we hope to create a theme of achievement,
championing and winning. This will be
accomplished through the pose of a jockey on a
horse, in a full-flight-winning stride. We want to pay
homage to the high achievements the town has
produced across the industry.

Local Info

Matamata is a wonderful place to visit, live and work. You can find more information about our region through the link below

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Business Directory

In Matamata we have such a great small knit community with many small businesses. This keeps our town diverse, growing, and thriving. If you need any help finding a local businesses there is a link to the directory below or you can call or come into the i-SITE for more information.

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We have an abundance of community groups here in Matamata, something for everyone. Below is a link to the community group directory. You can also call the i-SITE for more information.

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